Available tools and benchmarks

Growing more than peers?

You know you want to grow fast. But just how fast is "fast"? Use our up-to-date industry growth benchmarks to compare.

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Should you raise?

Everyone you ask seems to have a different opinion... Cut through the possibilities with real data and real case studies.

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Found product-market fit?

Compare contract value and customer retention benchmarks across different sectors.

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SaaSPI has helped us become very metrics-driven at this point. If you’re marketing, how many leads should that produce, what should sales reps’s quotas be… All of its just a big formula that we can work back from – we’re trying to hit these targets, so we need to do these things…

CEO at ServiceCore


We’re at a later stage today, but these benchmarks are the same ones that we used to grow into a public company. There’s real potential in this information and real potential for companies who use it.

CEO at monday.com