a growth equity firm

SaaSPI has been crafted with love and care by Full In Partners, a growth equity firm focusing on software and internet businesses. We’re a new player to the game and we’re trying to change the traditional venture capital in more ways than one.

That starts with reducing information assymetry in the market and being more transparent about the data we’re given on a daily basis. Our hope is that IPI can help to lead entrepreneurs towards a better understanding of their businesses and in turn, down more successful paths


We’ve compiled data-driven models on over 280K companies over our lifetime


We never share any data we receieve – all data is 100% confidential and anonymous

20+ years

We’ve based our models on our own 20+ years of experience working with great technology startups

Our fundamental goal is to empower founders to build better business through more relevant analysis Thanks for taking the time to visit! We’re excited to see you and hope the experience has been helpful to your future growth.